October 23, 2020: What three computer keys will reopen all recently closed tabs if you press them at the same time using the Chrome browser on a PC or Chromebook?

Answer: People accidentally close internet tabs all the time (or is that just me?). Knowing quick and easy ways to reopen them to exactly where you left off can help reduce the stress. While using the Chrome browser on a PC, holding down the “Shift,” “Control,” and “T” keys on the computer keyboard will reopen all of your recently closed tabs. Pressing “Shift” and “T” at the same time will reopen the last tab that you closed. Similarly, “Shift,” “Command (or Cmd) ⌘,” and “T” will reopen recently closed tabs on a Mac.

Here are more helpful keyboard shortcuts to make your life a little less stressful:

Congratulations to Julia D. and Chris W.D. for correctly answering this week’s Tech Trivia question!