November 13, 2020: Who coined the term “virtual reality”?

Answer: In the 1980s, Jaron Lanier first coined the term “virtual reality.” Back then, virtual reality (or “VR”) was just being created. Since then, VR technologies have been used for many purposes, most notably in video games and movies, but its uses extend far beyond mere entertainment. 

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Try out a bit of virtual reality and augmented reality at home:

  1. Want to explore Pharoah Ramsesses VI’s Tomb in Egypt, enjoy a jog along the beach in Hawaii, or hike Mount Everest? Travel around the world while staying in your home with one of these virtual trips, museum visits, and web cams.
  2. Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies enable people to examine objects in detail without having the object with them. For example, people can use Merge Cubes (which can be printed and made at home!) to explore outer space, animal teeth, and many other objects. Google Chrome has created similar opportunities for Android devices and iPhones/iPads

Congratulations to Chris W.D. for correctly answering this week’s Tech Trivia question!